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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hepatitis D

  1. What is Hepatitis D?
  2. How is Hepatitis D transmitted?
  3. What are clinical features of Hepatitis D?
  4. Prevention of Hepatitis D.
Hepatitis D.
HDV is a defective single-stranded RNA virus that requires the helper function of HBV to replicate. HDV requires HBV for synthesis of envelope protein composed of HBsAg, which is used to encapsulate the HDV genome.

Hepatitis D Virus Modes of Transmission.
  • Percutanous exposures
    • injecting drug use
  • Permucosal
    • exposures sex contact
The modes of HDV transmission are similar to those for HBV, with percutaneous exposures the most efficient. Sexual transmission of HDV is less efficient than for HBV. Perinatal HDV transmission is rare.

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