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Monday, January 28, 2008

Questions & Answers

Liver Related Questions & Answers

Do these drugs cause liver damage?
Is it safe for me to go for a normal delivery?
What is reason behind the water breaking early during pregnancy?
What are the benefits and side effects of cod liver oil?
Why is my wife not eating properly after delivery?
Is my daughter on right medication?
Is it possible for an infant to pass meconium through mother’s vagina?
How do I get a normal LFT value?
Does Diacerin cause liver infection?
Can I take only Levipil for epilepsy?
What happens if the placenta does not migrate?
Is painless delivery considered safe?
Does bicornuate uterus lead to premature delivery?
Why are most pregnancies delivered through caesarean?
What does the white spot on the fetal liver indicate?
Does Maxepa or Cod liver oil aid brain development in newborns?
Is it advisable to take beer after cirrhosis?
Is the swelling in legs associated with liver?
Why and how is the liver transplant done?
Why has the fetal stomach not been detected in my case?
Why is my liver mildly enlarged in size?
Does prolonged use of vitamin B and E lead to liver damage?
Is calcification of the fetal liver dangerous?
I am pregnant and have a hernia, will I have a caesarean delivery?
Why have I not conceived in spite of receiving the anti-D injection?
Can I deliver a normal baby in my next pregnancy?
Being diabetic, can I have high-sugar foods after delivery?
When can we have intercourse after a caesarean?
Did my friend's condition deteriorate due to medical negligence?
Why is sex not enjoyable after my c-section?
Does having a uterine fibroid prevent a normal delivery?
What is the treatment for dark patches on my face?
What is the cause for enlarged liver and fatty infiltration?
How is cancer of the pancreas treated?
What is diffuse hypoechogenicity of the liver?
What should be the ideal diet after a caesarean section?
Can my wife deliver normally?
Do I need a cervical stitch to prevent pre-term delivery?
Can Susten injections help prevent premature delivery?
Does Amlodipine raise liver enzymes?
Will the umbilical cord around the neck pose any danger to the fetus?
Can maternity insurance be claimed if I quit after delivery?
Is Hepatogard useful for an enlarged liver?
Are elevated ALT levels common during pregnancy?
What is the ideal diet for a healthy liver?
What drugs should a person with cirrhosis avoid?
Why do I have a fatty liver inspite of all normal parameters?
Do I have hepatitis infection?
How can I know if I am ready to deliver my baby?
Why am I getting heavy flow and pain during my periods?
Can I tighten my abdominal muscles after a hernia repair?
What causes post delivery urine retention?
Is there any Health insurance policy which covers pregnancy?
Why do I have an abnormal blood test for liver function?
Can we get health insurance for a pre-existing disease?
Do I need treatment for a liver haemangioma?
Do I need surgery for a incompetent cervix?
Will a liver transplant help treat biliary atresia?
What does a low T cell count mean?
Why do I have raised liver enzymes?
Why am I having heavy periods after delivery?
Is it dangerous to deliver the baby in the 8th month?
Will my second delivery be a caesarean too?
Will having sex during pregnancy lead to problems in delivery?

Is Andrinol a safer testosterone drug than Nuvir?

Is financial aid available for liver transplant in US?

Can a spinal anaesthesia lead to back pain?

How can I get rid of fatty liver?

What are my chances of getting pregnant with ITP?

When should the fetus come in a head-down position?

How can fatty liver be managed?

Why did my baby die immediately after birth?

What is Ursodeoxycholic acid used for?

Should I be concerned about high AST and ALT levels?

What is the cause of high levels of liver enzymes?

Is seven seas a good source of DHA?

Why is my wife having back pain after delivery?

How can black marks on the abdomen after delivery be removed?

Is a liver transplant indicated for cirrhosis?

Can clonazepam adversely affect the liver?

What should I do for my fatty liver?

What is a quantitative DNA PCR test done for?

Why am I not enjoying sex after delivering my child?

What has to be done for a small uterus in pregnancy?

Where is liver transplant for a child done in India?

Is delivery through waterbirth done in India?

Why is my wife reluctant to have sex even after a year of delivery?

My child has persisting neonatal jaundice, what should we do?

Can medicines lead to a rise in the liver enzymes?

What are the chances of a normal delivery following a C-section?

What is the treatment for severe anaemia?

What are gamma GT and LDH tests done for?

Can I donate my liver to save my sister's life?

Under what circumstances should one go in for a caesarean delivery?

Will a low haemoglobin level complicate my delivery?

Can my wife deliver normally after a heart surgery?

How should I deal with a slur in the speech?

What is Udiliv taken for?

My wife expired while delivering, what was the reason?

What is portal gastropathy?

Am I doing well after two heart attacks?

Is it necessary to remove clothes before a caesarean?

What precautions should I take for liver cirrhosis?

What is the reason for heavy, irregular periods after delivery?

What is pelvis separation?

Can I donate my liver to my father?

Do I need to take vitamin supplements?

Why does my niece have a high bilirubin level?

Is a caesarean safer than a normal delivery?

Is it normal to develop hypothyroidism after delivery?

Can I donate my liver?

Does gestational diabetes lead to diabetes later in life?

Can I wear an abdominal belt to tighten my stomach following delivery?

Is there a mediclaim policy which will cover child delivery overseas?

Can I cleanse my liver with olive oil and epsom salt?

Does the position of the placenta determine the type of delivery?

What are the causes of recto-vaginal fistulae?

Why is there a time gap between the birth of twins?

What is the significance of a grade 1 fatty liver?

What is the cause of raised SGPT and SGOT levels?

What do I do to treat mild hepatomegaly?

Will high sugar levels lead to problems in delivery?

Does alcohol intake increase the SGPT levels?

Is a fixed bridge better than a Maryland bridge?

Why is an injection given to a O negative mother?

What is the cause of calcification of liver?

Will hepatitis C interfere with the stents in the arteries?

What are the requirements for a liver transplant?

How much vitamin A and D do we need?

How serious is congestive gastropathy?

What are the causes of a fatty liver?

What precautions have to be taken for post-eclampsia?

Will my wife need a caesarean delivery?

What is the cause of very low haemoglobin levels?

What is the treatment for my multiple problems?

My son's face was black when delivered, will this change?

Why do I have indigestion after recovering from Hepatitis A?

I have tachycardia, will there be problems in my pregnancy?

Will excess intake of insulin have any adverse effects on the liver?

What is the treatment for fatty liver?

What are simple and complex liver cysts?

Why am I getting blood in stools after my delivery?

What is the success rate of a liver transplant?

What diet and exercises are needed after a liver transplant?

Will the delivery be normal if a woman has polio?

How to get rid of weight gained during pregnancy?

Do I have a hormonal imbalance due to weight gain?

What care should I take for Dubin-Johnson syndrome?

What is the effect on the fetus if the mother has diabetes insipidus?

I have lost my sexual urge, what should I do?

Are blood tests for liver reliable?

Can the tumour in the liver be treated by radio frequency therapy?

Is it safe to carry a pregnancy three months after delivery?

Is it safe to have a normal delivery after the due date?

Why do I have acidity on an empty stomach?

I am hepatitis B positive, should I stop feeding my child?

Is autoimmune hepatitis curable?

What are the causes of a sudden still birth?

What is the treatment for fatty liver?

How to manage focal nodular hyperplasia of the liver during pregnancy?

Is labour pain real and how to deal with it?

Is caesarean delivery safe?

Is it necessary to feel baby movements in the seventh month of pregnancy?

What is the cause for neck pain after delivery?

What should be the diet and exercise schedule after a caesarean delivery?

I am a diabetic, how can I plan a pregnancy?

Should I worry about liver cysts?

Is trinicalm safe for liver patients?

How to treat severe itching due to a liver problem?

Why have I lost interest in sex after the birth of my child?

How to manage advanced liver disease?

If I have hepatitis B, will I develop hepatitis C infection too?

What causes diffuse fatty liver?

What is the cause and treatment for fatty liver?

What is the diet to maintain a healthy liver?

What is the cost of a liver transplant operation in India?

Will I again have a caesarean delivery?

What are the causes of jaundice?

Is liver cirrhosis reversible?

How to manage itching on the body and frequent bowel movement?

How to manage Chronic Active Hepatitis B?

Is it normal to have periods while breastfeeding post delivery?

How to manage alcoholism?

How do I protect my fetus against rubella infection?

What do high SGPT levels mean?

What are the treatment options for liver problem?

How to manage an enlarged liver?

How to manage weight gain after delivery?

What are the chances of a normal delivery?

Does anti-epileptic drug intake by a pregnant woman affect the developing baby?

Are there any standard tests for hepatitis?

What should be the diet after delivery?

What causes hair loss after delivery?

What causes liver inflammation?

What is the cause of joint pains after delivery?

Can financial aid be available for liver transplant in the U.S.?

What are the reasons for the raised levels of alkaline phosphatase?

How to manage chronic hepatitis B infection?

How long does it take for liver swelling to heal?

Can a low lying placenta migrate during pregnancy?

How safe is Nimesulide?

How successful is liver transplant in India?

Is taking one or two pegs of whisky daily harmful?

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