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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Yoga Asanas For Diseases


This asana is called the plough pose. In this posture, the abdominal muscles are strengthened and it ensures a healthy condition of the spine. It enhances the flexibility of the spine and all the 31 pairs of spinal nerves are well nourished. Lifting the legs to
touch the ground above the head, is not easy in the beginning. Try to do only as much as you can. The muscles of the back and rear thighs are affected here. Try to concentrate on what you are doing for better results. Relax into the posture. Feel the changes in your position and in your spine as you come to the starting position. Relax and proceed to the next asana.
to follow (Halasana) :

1. Lie flat on your back.
2. Raise the legs slowly and touch the ground with the toes above the ground.
3. Keep the palms flat on the ground.
4. Do this asana for 1to 2 minutes.

Benefits :

* It cures obesity, constipation, dyspepsia, liver and spleen disorders.

* It strengthens the abdominal muscles and nourishes the spinal nerves.

* It also cures myalgia, lumbago, sprain in the neck and neuralgia

Disclaimer For Yoga Exercise:

Please do not attempt to practise these without proper guidance from a trained Yoga instructor as these exercises can cause physical disability when done incorrectly.

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