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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Multi-Speciality Hospital Apollo Chennai

Welcome to the Apollo Chennai Center for Liver Diseases
& Transplantation is an interdisciplinary group dedicated
to treatment of, and research in, liver, biliary and pancreatic

We help patients with Common Liver Diseases, Cirrhosis, Jaundice,
Hepatitis, liver cancer or acute liver failure at Indi
a’s pioneering -speciality hospital Apollo Chennai by Liver transplant
surgeon Dr Anand K. Khakhar.

The Liver Center

The Liver Center's doctors include specialists in
  • Hepatobiliary, Transplantation & Gastrointestinal surgery
  • Medical Gastroenterology & Hepatology,
  • Medical oncology,
  • Gastrointestinal & Interventional radiology,
  • Interventional Endoscopy,
  • Criitical care specialists,
  • Radiation therapy,
  • Pathology
  • Pain Management.
  • Support team: nurses, counsellors & therapists.
  • The Liver Center aims to become a ‘one stop shop’ for
  • patients with chronic liver disease as well as Hepatobiliary
  • & pancreatic disorders by providing multidisciplinary
  • comprehensive evaluation of the at our ‘Liver Clinics’.
  • These liver clinics house several specialists of the liver
  • center simultaneously under one roof.
  • Save patients’ time & effort by reducing the
  • number of visits & consultation encounters by running
  • multidisciplinary clinics at the various Apollo Hospitals
  • in Chennai.
  • Following evaluation, the patient returns to the primary
  • consultant with our suggested ‘road map’ for further
  • treatment and follow-up schedule.
  • These clinics are also an effort to provide a second
  • opinion to patients with suspected liver conditions and
  • thus the Liver Clinics are conducted at negligible fee or cost.
  • Our support team also engages in outreach programs
  • aimed atgenerating awareness in the society regarding
  • screening and monitoring for common liver diseases.

  • Evaluation & treatment of patients with chronic liver disease
  • Liver resection, Pancreatic resection, Hepatobiliary Surgery
  • Laparoscopic liver resections, Radiofrequency ablation
  • & minimally invasive treatment for liver cancer.
  • Liver Transplantation (Living donor / Cadaveric)
  • Pancreas & Multi organ Transplantation
  • Medical management of portal hypertension & liver failure
Why Choose Us:
  • The Liver Center delivers the highest level of care possible.
  • We develop innovative treatment techniques and approaches
  • tailored to individual patient's needs
  • Our team provide educational & awareness for the community
  • through its outreach program .
  • We emphasize advancement through research to improve the
  • treatment of patients with liver, biliary, and pancreatic disorders.
  • We employ novel surgical, radiation, endoscopic and combined
  • multi-modality therapeutic approaches involving surgery
  • & interventional radiology to liver, biliary & pancreatic
  • malignancies & related disorders.
Our Expertise
  • Our liver specialists are experts in the application of antiviral
  • therapy to the management of patients with chronic
  • hepatitis B and C; they continue to conduct clinical trials of
  • new antiviral drugs and to refine the application of available drugs.
  • The goals of this liver center are to identify therapy for the
  • particular patients, including those who have failed previous
  • treatment and to prevent progression of liver disease.
  • Liver Center ’s experts in immunosuppressive agents for organ
  • transplantation, are addressing the shortage of organs available
  • for transplantation on multiple fronts. We perform liver
  • transplantation using cadaveric and living donors, employ
  • MARS (Albumin dialysis for liver failure) as and when indicated
  • for particular patients,Interventional radiologists, surgeons,
  • and angiographers continue to refine invasive and minimally
  • invasive approaches to hepatobiliary malignancies.
  • Our large patient population provides us the opportunity to
  • observe, study, learn, and discover new knowledge in the area
  • of hepatobiliary and pancreatic diseases.
  • Our goal is to bring new treatments and management methods
  • to patients that prolong life and enhance its quality.
  • Referring physicians may contact us by calling either of the
  • numbers listed below. Your request for a referral is matched to
  • a Center specialist based on the nature of your patient's condition.
  • You should expect a return call within 48 hours of the referral request.
  • In emergency situations, we respond as rapidly as possible.
  • If you prefer, you may call any of our Center physicians directly
  • through the Apollo Hospitals Switchboard.
  • Communication and flow of appropriate patient-related
  • information between referring physicians and the Liver
  • Center team is of critical importance. In order to avoid duplicate
  • tests, our Liver Center physicians review all relevant
  • referral information, procedures, and tests before ordering
  • additional studies.
  • Our Liver Center specialists collaborate with the referring
  • physician every step of the way in co-managing patients.
  • At the initial consultation call placed within 24 hours of
  • the inquiry, the Center specialist answers any of your
  • questions and, if appropriate, arranges to see your patient for
  • consultation. After each new patient visit, the Center
  • specialist sends you a letter and, the suggested treatment
  • strategy. Our Center specialists consult with the referring
  • physician whenever appropriate.
  • Referring physicians can access medical information or
  • education by contacting the respective doctor of the liver center.
  • For a direct one to one talk we may also use the Apollo Hospital
  • video link / Telemedicine facility if deemed necessary.
Via: www.livertransplant.in

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