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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


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The word Nauli is not found in standard dictionaries. Ullola meaning a large wave or surge, conveys some idea of the process of Nauli where the abdominal muscles and organs are made to move laterally and vertically in a surging motion. Nau means a boat and li to cling to, lie on, hide or cover. The pitching of a boat on a stormy sea conveys some idea of the process of Nauli.

Nauli is a kriya or process and not an asana. Care should be observed in its performance, otherwise the process leads to numerous diseases. It is not, therefore, recommended for the average practitioner. First master Uddiyana Bandha before attempting Nauli, which is described in the Gherunda Samhita under the name Lauliki.


Spread the legs a foot apart, bend slightly at the knees and stoop forward. Place the hands with the fingers spread wide on the thighs just above the knees. Lower the head until the chin rests in the notch between the collar-bones on the top of the breast bone. Inhale deeply, then exhale quickly so that all the air is forced from the lungs in a rush. Hold the breath (without any inhalation). Pull the whole abdominal region back towards the spine. The area between the pelvic rim and the floating ribs on both sides of the abdomen should be made passive to create hollowness there. At the same time push the abdominal recti forward. Maintain this position form 5- 10 seconds, according your capacity. Relax the grip on the recti and go back to the position described in line 6 above. Relax the abdomen and inhale slowly. Take a few deep breaths. Repeat the cycle in line 1 - 10 above, six to eight times at a stretch only once every 24 hours. Practice Nauli on an empty stomach after evacuating the bladder and bowels.


The abdominal recti are strengthened.

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