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Friday, February 8, 2008

New and Future Treatments for Chronic Hepatitis C

Treatment of chronic hepatitis C is presently based on the use of interferon-alpha. Interferon-alpha is a protein that is given by injection, usually three times a week. The addition of ribivirin, a non-specific, orally administered anti-viral agent, improves the efficacy of interferon-alpha. Although interferon-alpha with or without ribivirin works for some patients with hepatitis C, most do not achieve a "sustained response" of undetectable virus in blood 6 months after stopping therapy. Interferon-alpha is also associated with myriad adverse events and is relatively expensive. Ribavirin may also cause side effects. Better drugs are unequivocally needed for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C. What will they likely be?

Longer Acting Interferon-alpha

The next drug available for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C will be peginterferon-alpha (sometimes called "pegylated interferon"). The active agent in peginterferon-alpha is the same old interferon-alpha. However, the protein is attached to polyethylene glycol (antifreeze), an inert compound that slows the elimination from the body. More constant blood levels of interferon-alpha are achieved with less frequent injections, usually once a week. This results in enhanced compliance and clinically superior anti-viral activity.

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