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Monday, February 4, 2008

A rare double liver transplant

‘The operation was performed by 40 surgeons at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital’

- Photo: S. Subramanium

Happy moment: K.P. Appu Chettiar (first from left in the front row), who successfully underwent two simultaneous liver transplants at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in New Delhi, stands along with the two donors and the Head of Liver Transplantation, Dr. A. S. Soin (second left in the back row) at a press conference in the Capital on Friday.
NEW DELHI: A 60-year-old businessman from Salem, K. P. Appu Chettiar, has successfully undergone two simultaneous liver transplants at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital here.
According to the hospital authorities, the patient received two livers, one each from his nephew Arul Kumar and his nephew’s wife Priya Arul Kumar, in a rare operation this past month.
Giving details of the case, the hospital’s liver transplantation specialist Dr. A. S. Soin said on Friday: “The operation was performed in the first week of July by a team of 40 surgeons, anaesthetists and operation theatre staff who toiled for 14 hours to complete this rare surgery which involved 11 fine connections of blood vessels and bile ducts between the new livers and the patients under the operating microscope.”
“The double liver transplant operation was chosen primarily to avoid removal of too large a part of the single donor’s liver,” added Dr. Soin.
The total cost of the operation was Rs. 20 lakh. Mr. Arul Kumar said his uncle Mr. Chettiar had been ill for two years with increasing hospitalisation due to repeated infections, blood vomiting and build-up of excessive water in his abdomen.
“Later his son was told that his condition was critical and that was when we decided to bring him to Delhi. We had four donors from our home, but only me and my wife were found to be ‘good’ donors,” he added.
“I am happy with the outcome and am now ready to return home healthy,” said a beaming Mr. Chettiar on Friday.
Via: www.hindu.com

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