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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Criteria for being a liver donor

Liver donation in which a part of the liver of a healthy person is removed by an operation and used for transplant, is very safe. The donor is in hospital for 7-10 days, rests at home for 2-3 weeks and is then as well as he was before the operation. The liver regenerates (i.e., grows back to its normal size) within 2-3 weeks. The living liver donor should be a 18-55 years old, willing and healthy family person weighing between 50-85 kg, should not be overweight or obese (since such people tend to have fatty livers that may not work well in the recipient), and should have either the same blood group as the patient's or blood group "O". The screening tests recommended for prospective donors are CBC, PT, LFTs, Serum creatinine, HBsAg, HCV antibody, HIV I,II, Chest X ray, ECG and Ultrasound of the abdomen. The final approval however, will be given by Dr. Soin after further detailed testing at Delhi.

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