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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Urology / Nephrology Video Library-Part 3

Videos on Kidney Health, Kidney Stones, Overactive Bladder, Urologic Health from our comprehensive consumer health video library. Click any title to bring up our video window. If you find that the video window does not come up, please check that your browser has JavaScript enabled and is set to allow pop-up windows.

Getting Personal about OAB
Category: Overactive Bladder
She blamed it on her aging body until she learned that you don't have to live with it. See how a little trial and error helped one woman regain control of OAB.

OAB Medications
Category: Overactive Bladder
Having the urge to go can be distressing, but there are several medicines that can help. Listen to experts describe how the different medicines for overactive bladder work.

FF: urology Oab3
Category: Overactive Bladder
Drugs and lifestyle changes are both effective in treating overactive bladder (OAB). Studies show the standard class of OAB medication, anticholinergics, also known as antimuscarinics, are effective in 70% to 80% of patients.

FF: urology Oab1
Category: Overactive Bladder
Frequent urges to urinate can be the result of overactive bladder (OAB). This is called urinary urgency. People with OAB can also find they have more than the urge to urinate; they actually need to urinate often. This is called urinary frequency. Incontinence can also be a problem. And people with OAB can experience nocturia, which means they need to get up frequently at night, to go to the bathroom.

OAB and Lifestyle Changes
Category: Overactive Bladder
Medicines can help people with overactive bladder. But so can a wide variety of lifestyle changes. Listen as experts describe everyday things you can do.

OAB Overview
Category: Overactive Bladder
Frequent and sudden urges to urinate may be more than a nuisance. They may be symptoms of a urinary condition. Listen to experts describe a condition known as overactive bladder.

Prostate Cancer Surgery
Category: Urologic Health
Prostate cancer often requires removing the prostate gland. A new technique called laparoscopy uses tiny incisions and a camera to accomplish the operation and allow for a speedy recovery.

Prostate Cancer Exam
Category: Urologic Health
There's an on-going debate within the medical community about the merits of routine screening for prostate cancer. Get the latest information and one expert's view on the controversy.

Yeast Infections and Diabetes
Category: Urologic Health
Studies show nearly 3 out of every 4 women will experience a yeast infection at least once in their life. For women with diabetes, however, the risk is even higher. Why is this the case, and what should women with diabetes do about it? Tune in for expert information and advise.

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