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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Urology / Nephrology Video Library-Part 5

Videos on Kidney Health, Kidney Stones, Overactive Bladder, Urologic Health from our comprehensive consumer health video library. Click any title to bring up our video window. If you find that the video window does not come up, please check that your browser has JavaScript enabled and is set to allow pop-up windows.

Hemodialysis Overview
Category: Kidney Health
One of the most important lifesaving advances for kidney failure, dialysis, was invented during World War II, but not widely available until the 1960s. Today, thousands of kidney patients owe their survival to this process. Join our panelists as they focus on the benefits of hemodialysis.

What Is FSGS
Category: Kidney Health
Many cases of kidney disease in the United States are linked to serious medical conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes, but there some forms of kidney disease that have no known cause. FSGS, is one of the rare kidney diseases that cause damage to the filtering units called the glomeruli in the kidney. Join our panelists for an in-depth look at this condition.

Identifying Kidney Failure
Category: Kidney Health

Treating Kidney Stones
Category: Kidney Health
How your kidney stones are treated will depend on the size, location and type of stone you have. Our panel of experts will discuss the different options, and how you and your doctor can decide which one is right for you.

Why You Need Your Kidney
Category: Kidney Health
What do you know about your kidneys? Most people are aware that they look something like kidney beans, and that there are two of them-- but that's about it. As you might expect, kidneys are actually quite important. What do kidneys do and why can't you live without them? Tune in to find out.

Prostate Seed Implants
Category: Urologic Health
Prostate seed implantation--also called brachytherapy--has become more and more popular in recent years as a treatment option for prostate cancer, and New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's decision to undergo the procedure has put it in the spotlight. Less invasive than surgery--but potentially just as effective--seed implantaion involves the insertion of radioactive seeds directly into the prostate, concentrating radiation in the cancerous area and minimizing exposure in other parts of the body.

On this webcast, join us in the operating room with urologist Robert Salant, MD and radiation oncologist Daniel Shasha, MD as they perform a brachytherapy on a 57-year-old man. Highlights will include:

  • a discussion with the patient about his choice of treatment
  • an ultrasound view of the prostate
  • needle insertion of the seeds
  • an x-ray view of the implanted seeds
  • commentary by Dr. Salant and Dr. Shasha before, during, and after the procedure
This educational presentation includes video images of medical procedures that are graphic in nature. Individual discretion is advised before viewing this presentation, which is intended for mature viewers only.

BPH Treatment
Category: Urologic Health
Although prostate enlargement is a normal part of the aging process, benign prostatic hyperplasia -- BPH -- can sometimes lead to uncomfortable and even painful symptoms. Fortunately, there are a variety of medical treatments that can help. Join our panel of experts as they discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these treatment strategies.

Kidney Stones in Summer
Category: Kidney Health
Ice cream, beaches, and.... kidney stones? It's a little known fact, but kidney stones are much more common in the summer. Why is this the case? What should you do to keep from getting kidney stones in the summer? What symptoms should you watch out for? Join our panel of experts for an important lesson on summer stones.

Penile Pump Surgery
Category: Urologic Health
Also known as an "inflatable penile prosthesis", the penile pump is a remarkable device which can restore the possibility of intercourse to men suffering from severe sexual dysfunction. Not to be confused with a penile enlargement, the penile pump is a completely internal mechanism which allows a man to have a full erection at any time -- without planning ahead, as is necessary with other treatments.

Watch the actual surgery, beginning to end, as expert surgeon Francois Eid addresses these questions and more.

This educational presentation includes video images of medical procedures and human anatomy that are graphic in nature. Individual discretion is advised before viewing this presentation, which is intended for mature viewers only.

Via: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com

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