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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

DoctorNDTV .. for the better health of Indians Home | Q & A ...

Organ Transplantation: Boon or Bane

Transplantation is the only hope for people who are dying from the end stages of kidney, liver and heart disease and its great success has meant that over the last decade, the demand for human organs has been far exceeding the supply. The main source of donor organs in Western countries is from brain-dead, heart-beating cadavers but in Asia, and especially in India, transplants of kidneys and livers are done from live donors. This may, especially in liver transplants, put the donors at considerable risk.

DoctorNDTV.com conducted an opinion survey on some contentious issues in organ transplantation in India and found that the majority (80%) of respondents were aware of the concept of brain death. Almost the same number felt that the law should be changed to reward relatives of cadaveric organ donors and that there should be stiffer penalties for those who took part in the organ trade. Although there was a mixed (50-50) response to whether or not the recipients of illegal organs be penalised and if selling organs should be allowed in India, there was a consensus that the government was not doing enough to promote cadaver organ donation.


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