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Monday, April 7, 2008

Liver Transplant in Delhi

28 day liver transplant treatment programme at India's leading Liver transplant centre in Delhi for Living Donor related transplants.

Description of Liver Transplant in Delhi

The liver is an organ located in the right side of the abdomen below the ribs. The liver has many vital functions. It is a powerhouse that produces varied substances in the body, including (1) glucose, a basic sugar and energy source; (2) proteins, the building blocks for growth; (3) blood-clotting factors, substances that aid in healing wounds; and (4) bile, a fluid stored in the gallbladder and necessary for the absorption of fats and vitamins. As the largest solid organ in the body, the liver is ideal for storing important substances like vitamins and minerals. It also acts as a filter, removing impurities from the blood. Finally, the liver metabolizes and detoxifies substances ingested by the body. Liver disease occurs when these essential functions are disrupted. Liver transplants are needed when damage to the liver severely impairs a person's health and quality of life.

In Globe Health Tours, we encourage Living Donor Related Transplants. Avoiding a long wait is possible if a person with liver disease has a living donor who is willing to donate part of his or her liver. This procedure is known as living donor liver transplantation. The donor must have major abdominal surgery to remove the part of the liver that will become the graft (also called a liver allograft, which is the name for the transplanted piece of liver). As techniques in liver surgery have improved, the risk of death in people who donate a part of their liver has dropped to about 1%. The donated liver will be transplanted into the patient. The amount of liver that is donated will be about 50% of the recipient's current liver size. Within 6-8 weeks, both the donated pieces of liver and the remaining part in the donor grow to normal size.

Recipients of a living donor liver transplant go through the same evaluation process as those receiving a cadaveric liver (a liver from someone who has died). The donor also has blood tests and imaging studies of the liver performed to make sure it is healthy. The living donors, as with the deceased donors, must have the same blood type as the recipient. They must be aged 18-55 years, have a healthy liver, and be able to tolerate the surgery. The donor cannot receive any money or other form of payment for the donation. Finally, the donor must have a good social support system to aid in emotional aspects of going through the procedure.
People who have liver disease or alcoholism are not allowed to donate part of their liver. Those who smoke chronically or who are obese or pregnant also cannot make such donations.

The donation is entirely safe and teh half liver regenerates quickly in both the donor and recipients in 3 weeks.

In the first few days after operation even when regeneration is not complete, the half liver is enough to maintain normal donor functions due to the immense reserve in the liver.
To donate :

  • The person must donate of his/her own free will
  • The person should be between 18-55 years and weigh between 50-85kg
  • The person must be a close relative
  • The donor and recipient blood group must match
  • The donor liver structure / function, as well as the other systems must be normal
  • Half of the donor liver must be enough in volume for the recipient
  • The suitability in the above respects and some other technical points is determined by the Transplant Team in Pre-transplant donor evaluation which normally takes 2-3 days.
Facts about liver donation surgery

  • Modern liver cutting techniques using CUSA have made it safe and blood less
  • Normal liver has immense reserve - nearly 70% of liver can be safely removed although much less is removed
  • Normal liver grows back very quickly - it can be restored to normal size after removal of half the liver in just 2 weeks
  • For Liver Transplantation, patient needs to have a blood group compatible donor from family (donor has to be between 18 to 65 yrs) as required by the human transplant act of our country. The donor and recipient will have to undergo detailed tests, which could take 7-15 days (depending on the reports of investigations) prior to transplantation. Transplantation can be done only after the Authorization Committee approves the donor. The Embassy in Delhi will certify all the proofs of certificates and documents of relationship between the Donor and the Recipient.
Blood Group of donor should be matched as given below:
Recipient (Patient) Blood Group Donor Blood Group
A A or O
B B or O
AB Any blood Group

The package for liver transplant (includes 1 day pre-operative and 4 weeks post-operative for the Recipient) is approximately US$ 52,000 which includes donor admission and surgery and 10 days post operative period. Average donor stay in hospital is about 10-12 days. This package isn't applicable for patients with Hepatitis B and with additional kidney failure/ problems. The cost of preoperative investigations will be approx. US $ 2500.

Post discharge from hospital, the donor needs to stay in Delhi for 10 days and can resume his regular work after 6 weeks. The recipient needs to stay in Delhi post discharge for 1 month with twice a week follow up in OPD.
Costs for Liver Transplant in Delhi
Criteria Notes
Package Cost for Medical Treatment in US Dollars
USD 56000
Package Cost for Liver Transplant in Delhi in GBP GBP Click for conversion
Package Cost for Liver Transplant in Delhi in EUR EURO Click for conversion
Package Cost for Liver Transplant in Delhi in Rupees INR Click for conversion
Please note that the tariffs quoted are averages based on standard treatments. Each patient is different and can have different requirements which require variations to standard treatments. Inclusions & Exclusions are described on this web page to our best ability

Details ABout Liver Transplant in Delhi:

Clinic/ Hospital Details: Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals
City: New Delhi
Country: India

How Long Will you stay in Hospital after your Liver Transplant in Delhi?

  • 28 Days as inpatient
Does Price Quoted include accommodation & travel?: No
Length of Surgery in minutes:
Hours Spent in Intensive Care:
Days in Post Operative Ward:
Days in Recuperation After leaving Ward: 28
Number of Visits Required for Treatment: 1

Medical Personnel

Information about the surgeons and physicians who care for you during your treatment.
Dr Subash Gupta

Medical Packages/Treatments related to Liver Transplant in Delhi:

  • Liver Transplant in Singapore

What to do next:

We specialise in providing medical care and surgery abroad. We only work with medical institutions that we have inspected and checked. We offer Liver Transplant in Delhi as well as facilitation on all the other elements in your journey such as flights, accommodation and activities. Our team in India and New Delhi are your personal agent while you are in country and is tasked with supporting you in any way you need.
We work with hospitals across the world including France, UK, Canada, India, Pakistan, Malta and Hungary to provide our patients with the most appropriate levels of care and treatment. Different treatments are available in different countries and our role is to advise you on the differences to help you make your own decision.
We have a list of different surgeries, their costs here. .
We have teams in the UK, India, Hungary and Pakistan who manage your stay and provide you with support whenever you need it. Please contact us to find out how we can help you. Contact us even if you are at the early stages of considering the possibility of treatment abroad for Liver Transplant in Delhi.

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Why Travel for Liver Transplant in Delhi .

Travelling abroad for Liver Transplant in Delhi can give you access to top quality health care quickly and cheaply. Our mission is to make your journey absolutely successful - in terms of treatment, in terms of outcomes and in terms of experience. We offer treatment in a wide range of locations including Europe, India and Singapore.

Make an Enquiry to Globe for Liver Transplant in Delhi

Please feel free to post an enquiry to us at Globe if you are interested in having more details of how this all works and how we might be able to help you. Your information is treated as strictly confidential by us. We ask that you fill in the fields with the red stripes if possible. You can also contact us directly with details from our contact us page.
If you want to speed up the process or have a complex history that is specifically relevant to any further steps: please use our detailed medical questionnaire which includes a range of questions to capture details of your medical history and present condition. Please note that we share these details anonymously with clinical specialists for the purposes of considering your case and advising on a treatment plan. This means that we do not pass on your name or address details until you choose to proceed further with us.
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