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Monday, April 7, 2008

Yoga and Meditation


Yoga and Meditation Yoga and Meditation are among the best alternative processes used in the healing of various diseases, be it physical or mental. Yoga is regarded as the oldest therapy that can cure many complicated diseases. It has been proved by history that through the regular practice of yoga and meditation, any volatile and restless mind can undergo a welcome transition with wonderful results.


Yoga is gaining more and more attention with every passing day. However, it must be mentioned that the aim and motto of yoga can differ from person to person. Physical fitness, flexibility and spiritual growth are the main bases of yoga. This holistic approach goes a long way in achieving excellent results. A stress-free, calm, balanced and fit body adds up as the reward for regular practioners of yoga.


Meditation is a part of yoga that soothes the mind in an unbelievable manner. The art of meditation should be practiced with a well-trained guru. Its practice will not only calm the senses but also help in honing the power of concentration. Meditation can increase your patience besides making you view life in a new dimension altogether. The disturbed mind, the restless psyche can be well treated by this ancient therapy without the help of any medicine. A balanced mind is what meditation propagates and helps every practitioner achieve.

Apollo facilities

Apollo has a well-equipped Yoga and Meditation department. Various diseases have their own requirements and characteristics. In fact, every human problem differs from the other. Therefore, it is necessary to have a proper consultation with qualified doctor before undergoing any sort of treatment. The expert doctors specialized in yoga and meditation will cure you completely. Besides, the Yoga and Meditation department in Apollo hospital is among the best you can ever go to.

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