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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Local Organisations

1. Abingdon Cancer Support Group

For people with any kind of cancer, their carers & friends.

last reviewed: 09.11.2007

2. Action Cancer Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland cancer charity.

last reviewed: 14.11.2007

3. Adur Cancer Help Group

A friendly support group for anyone with cancer, and their families and friends.

last reviewed: 13.03.2003

4. Airedale Cancer Support Group

A hospital based cancer support group.

last reviewed: 26.01.2007

5. Andover Cancer Self Help Group

Support group for people who have, or have had, cancer.

last reviewed: 12.09.2007

6. Ashford & West Middlesex Ostomy Association

Support group for patients with stoma formation, their carers and friends.

last reviewed: 26.01.2007

7. Ayrshire Cancer Support Group

Cancer support group, counselling service and drop-in centre.

last reviewed: 11.04.2008

8. Barnet and District Cancerlink

Support group for people with all types of cancer.

last reviewed: 04.10.2007

9. Barnoldswick & Earby Bosom Friends

Support group for anyone affected by all types of cancer - patients, families, carers.

last reviewed: 05.06.2007

10. Bath Cancer Self Help Group

Provides practical and telephone support for people with cancer, their families and friends.

last reviewed: 13.03.2003

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