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Friday, November 28, 2008

Rex Shunt

For portal hypertension there are different surgical options.

Two basic surgical choices include palliative shunts, which essentially decrease the severity of symptoms, and restorative shunts, which restore normal blood flow through the liver.

About rex shunt?

Use of the restorative shunt, the meso-rex bypass — or "rex shunt" for short.
Because the rex shunt restores normal blood flow to an otherwise normal liver, it is believe that this is the treatment of choice for children with extra-hepatic portal vein thrombosis (EHPVT).

The shunt bypasses the blocked portal vein and restores venous blood flow to the liver. A vein (usually the jugular vein in the neck) is used to build a bridge around the blockage. Blood flows from the large intestinal veins, across the bridge, around the blockage and back into the liver. Blood can then flow from the intestines into the liver in the "normal" way.

Following the surgery, the symptoms of portal hypertension usually resolve very quickly. It is also believe that restoration of normal portal blood flow to the liver allows the liver to recover some of the functions that may have been impaired because of the obstruction thereby allowing the child to grow and develop to their full potential.

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